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Thai Food - Kaeng Som Puk Tai

Thai Food at Quigley’s Irish Pub

Kaeng Som – แกงส้ม

Gaeng som or kaeng som (Thai: แกงส้ม) or Thai sour curry is a sour and spicy fish curry or soup with vegetables. For Thai food, it is one of the most popular dishes in Thailand. The curry is characteristic for its sour taste, which comes from tamarind (makham). The recipe uses palm sugar to sweeten the curry.

Kaeng Som is known in Southern Thailand as Kaeng Som Phak Tai (“Southern Thai Kaeng Som”), while in the rest of Thailand, it is generally known as Kaeng Lueang (“Yellow Curry”).

Kaeng Som Phak Tai can be found in almost all Southern Thai Restaurants, sometimes with different variations, and is also cooked widely at home.

Of course, Kaeng Som Phak Tai is available at Quigley’s Irish Pub as well as many other delicious Thai dishes.

You can view our full Thai menu right here on our website.

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